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          Library means collection  of books and other  informational materials   made  available to    people  for  reading, study, or reference. The  word  library  comes   from  liber,  the  Latin  word   for  “book”.   However,  a  library  is  in  the  process   of identifing,   exploring  and  collection  of  data  from  various sources.  Contemporary libraries  maintain  collections  that  include  printed  materials  such as manuscripts, books, newspapers,  and  magazines,  but  also  art  reproductions, films, sound and video recordings, maps, photographs, microfiches, CD-ROMs, computer software, online databases, and other media.               
              At present the A.N.R.College offers 6 PG programmes namely   M.Com,   MBA,MCA, MSc (Chemistry), MSc (Physics), MSc (Computers) and M.Sc (Mathematics) .The P.G. Library caters to the informational needs  of  the  Faculty,  Research  Scholars  and  Students  of   these   departments, besides being an Information Hub to other academics.
                    I.Satyamnatrayana     1988-1997
                    B.S.S.Padmaja            1997- 
        At  present  the  P.G. Library  is  located in the Golden jubilee Building with a floor area of nearly 353.15 Sq.m.     

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Visit by UGC Expert Committee Members for Extension of Autonomy is Scheduled for

2 days (01.09.2017 & 02-09-2017.2017)

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